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Characteristic Services

Corporate business

1. Point-to-point Remittance to China: ICBC Brussels Branch offers cross-border multi-currency express remittance services for your company with our advanced capital clearing system, extensive network across the world and correspondent banking resources. If the beneficiary account is also with an ICBC branch, remittances are processed entirely within ICBC's internal system and thus it will cost much less and be processed much faster since no intermediate links or costs will be caused.

2. RMB cross-border trade settlement: ICBC Brussels Branch can provide all kinds of RMB cross-border settlement services including credit facility, settlement, financing, guarantee, treasury services and wealth management products according to applicable regulations of the People's Bank of China. Our existing international settlement and trade finance products are all suitable for RMB cross-border trade settlement. Companies can settle their deals directly in RMB and avoid possible loss due to fluctuations in FX rate.

Financial Institution Business

Syndicated loan
ICBC Brussels Branch can participate in the primary and secondary syndicated loan market.

Risk participation
Under the terms and conditions of the Master Risk Participation Agreement signed between ICBC Group and the counterparty, we could offer the risk assets to the counterparty as well as take offers from them.

Financial market transaction
ICBC Brussels Branch can trade in money market transactions, inter-bank deposits, foreign exchange trading, financial derivatives transactions and bond investment on own account and on client’s account.

Transferred remittance
Under the terms and conditions of Remittance Transfer from/to China Clearing Services, financial institutions can transfer all remittances to China through ICBC Brussels branch after simply opening a RMB clearing account with ICBC Brussels branch.

RMB clearing account
Financial institutions can open RMB clearing account with ICBC Brussels Branch and benefit from RMB deposits, remittances, foreign exchange transactions and RMB clearing under trade financing business.