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Client Guide for Corporate Internet Banking

Brief Introduction of Business
Corporate Internet banking is a channel to offer account enquiry, transfer and settlement, online payment and other financial services for corporate clients via Internet or private line network.

Target Clients
Corporate clients that have opened accounts in ICBC Brussels Branch and have good reputation can open corporate Internet banking, including (including joint enterprises), institutions, social organizations, etc.

Characteristic Advantages
ICBC has always been committed to creating more value for clients relying on the powerful technical and management advantages with technology and business innovation as the driving force. Corporate Internet banking has developed to the comprehensive and integrated capital management platform of corporate clients including account information management, collection and payment services, etc.
1.Stable and efficient system as well as developed settlement network.
2.Powerful and rich products as well as constant renewal capacity.
3.3A (Anytime, Anywhere and Anyhow) services and high-quality management. ICBC offers 7×24 hours all-weather uninterrupted services. Clients can enjoy the rapid and high-quality banking services only after accessing the Internet regardless of the location and environment.

Opening Conditions
Clients need to open an account in ICBC Brussels Branch and provide other materials required by the opening bank.

Opening Process
Please see the flow chart for the process:
(1) Please read the related information: ICBC E-banking Regulations, ICBC Corporate E-banking Customer Service Agreement and the related introductory materials.
(2) Prepare the application materials: Application Form for Registration as Corporate Internet Banking Client, External Common Account Information Form of Enterprises or Groups, Information Form of Client Certificate and other forms can be obtained from the opening bank.

Standards for Fees and Taxes
Cost of production for certificate and annual service fees of certificate.

Operation Guide

Login: enter ICBC's homepage of website – select login of Corporate Internet Banking – input card number, password and verification code – click Agree to enter.
Quit: please click safe logout after use and pull out client certificate to ensure the account security.  

1.You shall duly fill in the forms and stamp them with your official seal and ensure the authenticity of the contents. Special attention must be paid to the accuracy of contact address; otherwise, it may delay the application matters.
2.ICBC will respond to client within two weeks after receiving the application by telephone, e-mail or mail. For those clients not approved by ICBC, original copies of your application materials will be returned.
3.You can download and install the software according to the installation instructions. ICBC can also offer door-to-door installation services for you.
4.For group clients that are approved by ICBC, they need organize the subordinate branches to assist ICBC in verifying the "Letter of Authorization by E-banking Clients”.

Risk Warning
Please keep the client certificate and password of corporate Internet banking properly. Losses of certificate and password are likely to result in the risk of account information disclosure and stolen funds.